The TBô Difference

What is the TBô difference that got the male underwear world completely hyped?

The features that helped TBô underwear become what it is today: the most comfortable everyday men’s underwear developed by you.


All of our products are 100% co-created and tested by more than 100,000 Tribesmen from all over the world. 

Co-creation works like democracy but without the politics.The sense of community and inclusiveness always comes first. TBô strongly believes that better, innovative products are created the more people join the conversation and contribute. The brand became what it is today because of each and everyone around who constantly contributes in their own and special way.

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Comfy Bamboo Fabric

In comparison to other brands, TBô turned its back on classic cotton underwear and went an innovative and more sustainable direction by using a specially developed bamboo fabric blend. We’re talking natural fibers here. We use a specific type of organic bamboo to manufacture our fabric.

Bamboo fabric feels as soft as silk, is extremely breathable and temperature regulating. It gives you the amazing feeling of being softly hugged by a feather while at the same time keeping any odors in check.

And bamboo is sustainable. Bamboo grows up to 35 inches a day! And uses way less water to grow than other plants, such as cotton. With this approach we do not only save a huge amount of water but also offer a super comfortable, hypoallergenic material which possesses anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for everyone.

ManShaped pouch

Every style of TBô underwear is known for the ergonomic and overall comfy cut to match a man’s natural shape down there. The design of the pouch has been developed by more than 100,000 Tribesmen to snugly hold the package in place and to make the most of these inches but without constricting them. Support combined with freedom – just like a boy’s night out, every day.

Additional features which are definitely worth it

As if all of the mentioned features aren’t enough, TBô does not stop there! To assure the most comfortable feel, all of our underwear have a “tear-off” care label at the back which has been designed to guarantee 100% fabric to skin contact.

This neat feature combined with the unnoticeable seams and the stay-put –legs which do not ride up is the reason for the ultra-comfortable naked feel of each piece. 

Feeling like wearing nothing at all has never been so easy

The TBô Difference Summarised

Co-Created Underwear - It's like democracy but without the politics
 Comfy Bamboo Fabric - It's like being hugged by a feather
 ManShaped pouch - It’s like a boys night out every day
 Temperature Regulating - No more hard boiled eggs
Bulge EnhancingBulge enhancing - Makes the most of your inches
Breathable - Let the boys breathe
Odor Control - Keeps odors in check
Sustainable - Organic Bamboo

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