Sustainability is a word you come across everywhere nowadays. And many businesses have different ways to interpret sustainability.

For TBô, there is no interpretation when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability is all encompassing. It touches all aspects of the brand, the Tribe, the products and the company as a whole.

Meaning that to be truly sustainable, all areas need to be covered.

Read on to find out more about how TBô works towards full sustainability in all areas.


TBô products are made from bamboo-based fabrics for many reasons other than being incredibly comfortable.

 Comfy Bamboo Fabric - It's like being hugged by a feather
 Temperature Regulating - No more hard boiled eggs
Breathable - Let the boys breathe
Odor Control - Keeps odors in check
Sustainable - Organic Bamboo

Bamboo is not only one of the softest natural fabrics and feels like silk on your body. Bamboo is also an incredibly sustainable and fast-growing natural product

Bamboo is part of the grass family and is super versatile. Even though bamboo is a grass, some species are called bamboo trees due to the tree-like appearance.

It is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet growing up to 3.2 feet (1 meter) per day - you can literally watch it grow. Because of the short maturity period of 6 years and the quick growth rate, bamboo can be harvested every year.

(Imagine for a second, a freshly cut lawn needs to be maintained on a weekly basis. Bamboo is part of the same family.)

Moso is easily grown without any pesticides and when it is harvested, there is no need to uproot the tree. Instead, it is cut leaving the roots intact which means that soil is preserved and won’t dry out.

Better yet, there is no effect on Panda Bears! 

A giant panda can eat between 26 - 83 pounds ( 13 - 42 kgs ) of bamboo per day!

Now that’s a lot of bamboo eating in a day, but they only eat a handful of species of bamboo such as the Arrow Bamboo and Black Bamboo.

Arrow Bamboo is a staple food source for pandas and is abundantly available throughout many hot and moist climate areas.

For the production of your favorite TBô bodywear, Moso Bamboo is used.

Pandas do not eat Mosa because of the size. Giant pandas grow up to 4- 5 feet (1.2 m to 1.5 m). Moso Bamboo is a giant type of grass that grows up to 16 ft ( 5 m).

These cuddly creatures prefer to stay closer to the ground grazing on the leaves, stems, and shoots of arrow bamboo, which is much more easily accessible. They simply cannot reach the delicious parts to eat. 

All our suppliers are OEKO-TEX® accredited.


With TBô’s packaging the materials AND the way the packaging is used are ecologically sustainable for all 3-packs ordered from our products launching in July 2020.