Collaborative Creation (co-creation) is a trailblazing approach that is used to develop the most comfortable everyday men’s underwear from TBô Bodywear  

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What is co-creation?

Take a moment here to Imagine democracy without politics. You get to have your say, without having to defend or justify your decision. 

Traditionally, fast-fashion retailers and designers are the ones to tell you what to wear & when. Those days are gone.  

As a TBô Tribe member, you are given the ultimate freedom to be part of the process that allows you to choose what your bodywear looks and feels like. 

Your choices are submitted through extremely short multiple-choice surveys.

Once a unanimous decision has been made, pre-orders are opened to the Tribe before the product is manufactured. 

This process reduces waste significantly as products are only developed and manufactured based on your demand.  

Our AHA moment

Our most significant AHA moment was when we sent out our very first survey way back in 2017.

We were so nervous.

We had no idea if the Tribe would reply to a 20 questions survey or even worse, what if the feedback was entirely negative and told we are sh*t?

But we pushed through our feelings and hit that send button. The result was a response rate of over 40% and with very much positive and - more importantly - constructive feedback.

What we learned and continue to learn is priceless. Only later on we realized that this had a name: it is called co-creation. 

How can you be part of the co-creation process? 

You can easily connect with us and join the Tribe by signing up bellow.

We are looking forward to having you onboard!