Who said Bamboo is only for Panda Bears

We at T-Bô decided to embark on the journey of finding the ideal fabric for our, well sensitive regions. After extensive research, we have found the perfect raw material to suit our needs.........BAMBOO

Bamboo has been the a buzzword in the fashion industry and has gotten a lot of attention but it is still not as widely used as its counterpart, cotton. This is rather shocking as it has so so many  benefits!

The Bamboo Plant is one of the quickest growing plants in the world, growing up to an incredible 1 metre (3.3ft) PER DAY! Bamboo can be harvested a lot more frequently which makes it a great resource which is sustainable. But it does not end there, you see bamboo absorbs more C02 and produces more oxygen than other plants in the same amount of space.

Harvesting bamboo does not require the entire plant to be uprooted, the plants regrows from the same root. And the best part about Bamboo is that the extensive root system aid soil in not only retaining water but the plant itself requires less water to survive

Ummmm thats great news you might say, but what does this mean for YOU.

Imagine a world were underwear is temperature regulating, odor resistant and moisture absorbing, sounds great hey. Well that is exactly what T-Bô underwear made of Bamboo Viscose underwear has to offer.

The light weight hypoallergenic fabric is perfect for Men with sensitive skin - Say goodbye to chaffing on those hot summery days.

Wrap your precious jewels in a feeling of silk all day long with T-Bô underwear.

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The Ballsy range Fabric is Made of Our Premium Bamboo Viscose Click this link to see more


  • Don

    @Matthew Peel
    Hey Matthew – Thanks for your question and filling out the questionnaire :) It’s always great to receive feedback and is much appreciated.
    Unfortunately we do not have plans in the near future to produce jockstraps. We do however take all suggestions from the T-Bô Tribe seriously, if we see a big demand for jocks, we will be happy to look into it :)

    Take care
    Don :)

  • Don

    Hey Frank – Great to hear from you!
    We take great pride in making sure that there is minimal impact on the environment during manufacturing. Our manufacturing partners grow and sustain private bamboo fields, which are specifically used for the production of T-Bô.
    We only use the best quality Bamboo to make T-Bô’s, so we do not use wild bamboo that feed the pandas:)

    Protection of the earth is close to my heart, and it makes me glad to see that our Tribe feels that same way:)

    Chat soon

  • Matthew Peel

    Would appreciate a reply from Don
    Any plans to introduce a jock . I think it would be great as I just was part of an underwear questionnaire and it’s incredible that many guys love jockstraps and quite a few own briefs from T-Bo.

  • Frank

    I just want to be sure that we are not hurting the survival of the Panda which is near extinction by cutting down bamboo. I have so many pairs of your underwear and they are super soft and I love them but I want to be sure that Pandas are going to survive.

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