Things you need to know about Bamboo Modal Underwears

Bamboo Modal Underwear can refer to any type of garment worn under clothing that is made from the soft inner viscose core of bamboo plants.

bamboo modal underwear

This material's beneficial properties include:

• Ability to wick moisture away from skin
• Natural intolerance of fungus
• Smooth and silky texture.

Unlike other materials used in the production of clothing, bamboo forests do not need insecticides or herbicides to thrive and do not contribute to local land and water toxic pollution as a result.

Bamboo fibers are often combined with a small amount of organic cotton to increase the durability of the material.

A wide variety of sizes and styles are available in bamboo underwear.

Antibacterial and moisture-absorbing.

bamboo modal underwear

Everyday use of Bamboo Modal Underwear
• Soft
• Breathable
• Absorbent
• Anti-static

Environmental benefits of Bamboo Modal
• Very Renewable
• Little Water &Pesticidess
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