T-Bô's international male underwear models

T-Bô is a Swiss underwear brand that has made it its mission to make ultra-comfy undies accessible to handsome men like you. T-Bô undies are worn by dozens of high-profile Instagram celebrities and male models.
It looks like that we are achieving our mission. Wherever you are, you deserve to be comfortable with what you wear. Let's take a peek on T-Bô's international male underwear models. 


underwear models
Model: Tom Connahh


underwear models
Model: Rego V.


underwear model
ModelKevin Cote
Photo: Vincent Chine


underwear models
Photo: Vincent Chine


underwear models
Model: Petrovic Igor
PhotoSrdjan Svelio


underwear models
Model: Paul Chutchie

T-Bô is indeed known internationally. Providing the most comfortable underwear you can wear. These international models are wearing the T-Bô One Underwear available in Carbon Black, Sky Blue and Diamond Grey. Let's get you started by clicking this link.


  • Jeff Minster

    Australia and London are my fav models, they all look good but I like yhe two I just mentioned.

  • Anon

    I love Australia! Innocent face with one hella body. Love the underwear!

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