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Do we normally talk about our underwear? I doubt it, and I know most of you will second on this!

Why don't we talk about underwear for a minute.

I know, it’s not the coolest thing to talk about as a man but, if there’s one thing we’ve all dealt with, it’s having to move, fix, and rearrange the very parts that make us men in the first place. I know most of you now knows what I am exactly talking about!

In fashion industry, it's really hard to find a perfect fit of comfy underwear that you'll go crazy about. Sure, you can go with the traditional “whitey-tighties” but, unless you’re an 8-year old boy, there comes a point in time where you just grow out of them – literally and figuratively.

Boxers type of undies. Tight underwear disrupt the entire temperature regulation system. If you’re trying to have a kid, you definitely want to start wearing boxers. Study after study has found that wearing tight underwear causes fertility problems for your testicles. 

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Enter the boxer briefs. The best of both worlds. Freedom to move the way you want and the support you need to keep your manhood right where it belongs. Seems like the perfect solution, right?

You know as well as I do that we, as men, have a hard time leaving well-enough alone and, while most of our tinkering with solutions that are “good enough” don’t amount to much, every once in a while we stumble upon a revolutionary approach to the old way of doing things, including the way we carry ourselves – if you know what I mean.

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Whatever is written here - or on other blogs -, the most important thing is that you find the underwear in which you feel the most comfortable. Of course, being elegant and stylish matters, but comfort is key to start every day. And that is why bamboo is always the right choice to make.

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  • Randall Palmer

    Your underwear is hot looking, but i need a larger size then you offer – i am more of a larger man, nice idea but nor for us big guys

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