<center>How often should you buy a new pair of underwear?</center>

<center>How often should you buy a new pair of underwear?</center>

Most men have their underwear for years and some might say you can go commando. Men who always go on commando may experience chafing or Jock Itch so this may serve as a warning.

Recent studies confirmed that most men don't pay attention as they should to their underwear. Don’t wait until the waistband of your favorite underwear hangs by a thread. Not only that it is embarrassing if someone saw it, but also the uncomfortability it brings to you. I suggest that you make a trip to the shopping mall or online underwear store like T-Bô to see and replace those Jurassic underwears.

2 Basic Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Pair of Underwear

1. Support
What men look for an underwear is to hold their package in place. After all, support is the exact reason we wear underwear in the first place.

2. Feel Uncomfortable
According to Mona Gohara, M.D. and Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine, you should definitely throw away any undergarments that just don't feel right––because the discomfort can actually cause irritation.

The T-Bô monthly underwear subscription is considered the first monthly underwear subscription to include underwear made out of the ultra-high-quality material, bamboo modal.

If you join the T-Bô Clothing bi-monthly underwear subscription club you’ll be added to a VIP customer segment and receive special coupon codes and access nobody else does.

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