Did We Just Wear The Wrong Underwear During Workout?

A lot of us gives effort, money and time in what to wear during your workout, from coordination of your shirt to a supportive footwear. However, did we pay attention to what you have for your workout underwear? Most of us don't give much thought of it before now.

When we workout, we need to also boost our routine with the underwear to support our manhood.
workout underwear

There are some reasons why we should wear the right underwear during a workout.

Eliminate Discomfort
The most style that we have seen that is best for workouts are briefs and boxer briefs. Find an underwear that completely eliminates discomfort, itching, picking and the awkward dance of repositioning yourself.

Staying Cool
Moisture-wicking fabric feels essential at the gym. Because you are actively sweating, whatever underwear you wear either work with you or against you. Bamboo Modal fabrics would be a fit for this one. This is a moisture-wicking fabric and odor-resistant fabric as well.

Avoid Chafing From Exercise
This is by avoiding rough fabrics that could irritate or chafe your skin. Choosing an underwear that has enough room for your package and isolates it from your thigh and gets rid of chafing issues on the inner thigh.
workout underwear

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There are a lot of gym shorts and pairs on the market today, but the truth is that it's hard to find the right pair. So choose the ideal gym pairs for you:

 Buying underwear according to your activity
 Find pants that don't hang too lose.
 Avoiding cotton as this is not-so-moisture-wicking fabric.
 Odor-resistant fabric

If you have an experience about wearing the wrong underwear on your workout, comment it below, we love to hear it! 

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