The First Body Conscious Monthly Underwear Club

monthly underwear club

Due to popular demand T-Bô Clothing’s monthly underwear club is finally here and available to the public for the first time.

It’s very simple and it simply works.

Every two months you receive a high-quality, super-comfy underwear from us. No strings attached – pause or cancel anytime, at any hour of the day.
We’re happy to say that with already hundreds of T-Bô VIP Members the monthly underwear club is proven to be valuable and useful.
However, this is not for everybody. If you’re content with rotating through the same 1-2 underwear then T-Bô’s monthly underwear club is not for you.
But if you enjoy having things automated and delivered to you without you having to think about it then this is a match. This is like your personal executive assistant that takes care of all of your underwear needs.
Subscription programs for all kinds of products are getting more and more popular all over the world. And that is not happening without reason. In the 21st century, your valuable time shouldn’t be spent on a manual and trivial task like having to remember to shop certain items. A high-quality life means having time to do whatever, whenever and with whoever you want. And that time is won by automating and delegating tasks you shouldn’t really be doing yourself.
Like Steve Jobs said: “Life isn’t our best chance. It’s our only chance. It’s our last chance.”
So try to maximize the time you spend doing things you love.
Now, let me ask you a question…
Does the bi-monthly underwear subscription sound good to you?
Yes, I think so too :-)
To get more information you can click here to see which of our products are available for bi-monthly subscription program.

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