7 reasons why you should choose this monthly underwear subscription

7 good (and a little bit weird) reasons to get on a monthly underwear subscription program.

1.Get frequent dopamine releases. Dopamine is the ‘happy hormone’ in our bodies. Every time an order is delivered to your doorstep it makes you feel good.

a.It’s like having a mini-birthday every two months. Dopamine release guaranteed when you receive your automated order.

2.With a drawer full of high-quality underwear also comes a higher quality of life

3. Never wear crappy underwear again 

a. All of us have that one underwear. Probably bought it 10 years ago. Stretched out, low-quality materials. But we keep it, simply because we don’t want to deal with the hassle of throwing it out and going to the supermarket to purchase new ones. That won’t ever happen again if you’re on the bi-monthly underwear subscription.

4. It helps you to get the important things done first and also acts as a symbolic habit. Automating your underwear needs is a symbolic habit that will permeate your whole life. Soon you’ll start automating more things in your life and ultimately you’ll have plenty of time left for what’s important and enjoyable.

5. If you were ever rushed in the morning trying to find a clean underwear before school or work then this won’t happen again. You’ll live in a total abundance of new, fresh and clean underwear.

6. The T-Bô monthly underwear subscription is considered the first monthly underwear subscription to include underwear made out of the ultra-high-quality material, bamboo modal (a type of artificial silk that is uber-comfortable).

7. If you join the T-Bô Clothing bi-monthly underwear subscription club you’ll be added to a VIP customer segment and receive special coupon codes and access nobody else does.

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