<center>Boxers or briefs? Find out what the right choice is for you here</center>

<center>Boxers or briefs? Find out what the right choice is for you here</center>

All men deserve a great pair of underwear. With so many tough choices in this world, we don't need to spend too much time thinking about underwear. So we decided to make this blog for you to find out what's the right choice for you, boxers or briefs?


boxers or briefs

The Brief is the most common underwear style. It provides total cover, back and fronts the leaves the legs exposed. Briefs are your standard, go-to underwear with a lot of variety to choose from, so they are actually comfortable to wear under just about anything. Briefs are great for moderate sports and everyday dressing.
boxers or briefs
The Boxers offer more breathability than of the other underwears. The loose-fitting design offers no support at all. If you might wanna go to an active sport, you can check your wardrobe again and see for another option. 

These relaxed-fit boxers are generally baggy to allow leg movement and comfort. A lot of styles varied, trendier, slim-fit cuts. Wearing a statement boxers is a good starter in bed, go figure! 

So wrapping it up, the boxer is great for wearing every day, or for playing casual sports.
I bet most of you who reads this articles would neither choose between these two. During 1990-1995, Boxer Brief was born. It is also called "one of the greatest apparel revolutions of the century". This hybrid type of men's underwear is perfect wear every day and playing sports (prevent chafing or friction). 

boxers or briefs
Model: Corentin L. 
Photo: Wim Wyloeck

We introduce our flagship product T-Bo One, a Boxer Brief which is made out of not just the ordinary cotton, but with the thin bamboo modal fabric (4x softer than cotton) almost feels like wearing nothing. 

You can get your pair by clicking this link and choose from our three premium colors:
Carbon Black, Sky Blue, and Diamond Grey.
Let me hear your thoughts by commenting down below! 
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Just a brief comment about your models. I’m a client with an abundance of body hair. I just can’t relate to your models. It really interferes with making a selection; nothing looks like me. Sorry, but your product just doesn’t seem right for me.

James Mates



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