8 Men's Underwear Fun Facts

8 Men's Underwear Fun Facts

So I was looking on some catalogs of T-Bô underwear and thought of what fits me. But, ended up thinking of what fun facts about underwear! So I have collated some amazing 8 random facts just for fun... You may also be shookt by few of 'em!


8 Men's Underwear Fun Facts

1. The Russians are experimenting with bacteria that will eat the worn underwear of astronauts on long space missions.

2. Underwear has often been used as a symbol. For example, in the 1960s, “bra burners” protested the way society discriminated against women and restricted their appearance. Additionally, after WWII, French women who had relationships with German soldiers not only had their heads shaved, but they also were forced to walk through the streets in their underwear.

3. In the 1990s, hip-hop artists made it fashionable for men to wear their pants below their waists and showing their boxers or briefs. This style, called “sagging,” is said to have actually originated in prison when jail inmates had their belts removed because they might be used as a possible weapon. Other historians believe this style originated as a sign of availability among homosexuals.

4. Single people are less likely to change their underwear on a daily basis than married people—82% versus 88%, respectively.

5. King Tut is the nickname for Tutankhamen, an Egyptian leader who ruled from age 9 to 18. He was buried with 145 underpants.

6. Men’s briefs were invented in 1935. A contemporary magazine ad touted the brief’s “scientific suspension” and “restful buoyancy.”

7. Ten-year-old Jack Singer of Warwick, New York, wore 215 pairs of underwear simultaneously on June 13, 2010. He broke the previous record of 200 pairs.

8. The word T-Bô is an abbreviation of 'Tu es beau' in French meaning "You're Handome! T-Bô Underwear believe that we are who we are because of everyone around us and believe we are all connected!


Are you also shookt of what you have read in this article? If you also have other facts you know, drop a comment below and we would like to hear it from you!

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