5 Things You Don't Know About Your Underwear

5 Things You Don't Know About Your Underwear

There is a lot that you may not know about what you wear down there. When we choose our undies, we know what color, style, fitting and how comfy it can be but there's some things we should also take into considerations - health is also one thing to consider and I guess one of the most important thing we should take note of.
So, most of the googled answer to this are these 5 things we don't know about our underwear.

1. Fabrics used in underwear

Let’s do a quick rundown, shall we?

Moisture-wicking: Pulling moisture away from your body and drying considerably faster than traditional cotton is an ideal undergarment quality regardless of season, so keep an eye out for this to be a component of most new lines.

Antimicrobial: Your first line of defense against imminent sweat? The bacteria (and odor) resistant antimicrobial property of certain fabrics in a lot of garments today. Look for this on the label next time your shopping for active or everyday underwear.

Micromodal: The finest of undergarment fabrics that results in a seriously soft feel with an almost airy weight. It’ll dry quick and offer an endless stretch – making it perfect under your skinny jeans or three-piece suit.

Classic cotton: Already known for its cool, dry comfort, updated cotton fabrics now dry considerably faster for a soft feel that will remain durable.

Polyester/spandex blend: Compression shorts are known for this combination that tends to feel tighter than most fabrics, while feeling flexible enough for any workout you put them through.
…and these are just a sample of the vast fabric choices you have at your disposal. Since what you wear and where you go constantly changes, keep your underwear rotation up to par for maximum functionality.

2. Will my woman notice it?

The generalized truth stands that “a well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men.” Makes sense, right? Except we absolutely take note of what’s under that dapper suit you’re wearing.

The last thing women want to see are public adjustments. By understanding how guys move, the balance of form and fabric, and innovating every last detail, new brands have found ways to fix your fit…so you don’t have to.

As for when things move into the bedroom, no one really wants to see their partner in tattered undies that read more “eh” than enthusiastic. © stylegirlfriend

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3. What happens if you don't change your boxers?

Chafing happens when the skin is injured due to constant rubbing. This happens because the salt from our sweat rubs our skin and the friction causes abrasions. ... So, wear soft fabrics which let your skin breathe, and change underwear if it is even remotely wet. If you sweat too much, use some talcum powder. © vagabomb

4. How many times can you wear boxers?

Another research found that almost a third of guys change their underwear only every two to three days. Lastly, a 2011 poll by American bleach manufacturer, Clorox, found that one in every eight guys will wear their underwear twice or even three times before washing it. © bearskn

5. How Many Days Can You Wear the Same Pair of Underwear?

As the barrier between your private parts and your clothing, underwear serves an important job of catching discharge or bodily fluid residue. In other words, there's some nasty shit—literally—accumulating down there. Let's also recall that bacteria thrives in warm, moist environments. Wear the same pair over and over, and it could only be a matter of time before some mysterious bacteria colonizes your crotch. © tonic vice

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